Mekong River is truly a fascinating body of water. The symbol of serenity and oneness of nature with man. It begins in the Tibetan regions. It is deemed as the fourth most important river in Asia. It flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, and finally in Vietnam, where it is called the River of Nine Dragons.

There are many legends that surround this mysterious river, as well as the haunting memories of painful human experiences.

Between July and October, the flood season arrives in the Mekong River Delta.

It is in this river that hundreds of large fish species abound, more than any in the world. This includes the giant river carp, the giant Pangasius, the Mekong freshwater stingray, the Siamese giant carp, and the giant catfish.

Fishing is truly a huge part of the culture surrounding this river. Aside from fish, there is also a diverse collection of flora and fauna around the river.

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